About Us

Wagon Train Ministries (WTM) was founded by Jay and Sherry Fine in 2015 to provide a no pressure come as you are Christian church service to individuals and families at local campgrounds. So they could still attend church without rushing to break camp or getting all cleaned up. WTM was a mobile mission church for anyone who wants to worship God without the man made rules created by so many churches in today’s world.

Jay and Sherry were closely connected with Cowboy Churches and WTM was based on the concept that western history and culture was founded in the outdoors and on the trails with cowboys traveling the country and sitting around campfires at night. Just like the ranch house was a place for the early westerners to gather, the wagon trains were a way for them to go out into new territory. The wagon train was a group of wagons traveling to promote a banding together for assistance. A captain was chosen from the group to get everyone up and moving and to guide them in their travels. WTM operated on this same concept with the Church being the ranch house sending people out to travel the trails, Christ is the Wagon Master with a Pastor who leads people to meet and share Christ with other people, and later we will all join back up (ultimately in heaven).

In 2015 the Wagon Train set up it’s base camp at Pete’s Puddle, Burton, KS, providing services every Sunday morning. The summer of 2016 found us fighting a stage four cancer diagnoses for Sherry and Sunday morning services were irregular. Sherry lost her fight with cancer and went home to heaven in the spring of 2017. Jay is currently taking some personal time and traveling around the country seeing some of God’s amazing creations.




Jay & Sherry Fine

Along with Daisy, Coco, and Buddy