Jesus Is My Fish Finder

So this morning as I was waiting to hold Sunday morning church service at Lake Afton, I looked out at the boats on the lake and the men fishing from them. It struck me that to catch the most fish they needed to be able to find where the fish were and they were probably using some fancy fish finder equipment.  Now I have never used a fish finder but I understand their purpose and the principle behind them.

Remember Jesus knew how to find and catch fish. Take some time to read Luke 5:4 and John 21:6.  When they cast their nets they came back overflowing and bursting.  If I was going for fish I would go where Jesus told me, he is far more qualified than I am when it comes to fishing.  Me, I sit on the bank with a single line and bobber in the water and just wait for a fish to get hungry. Jesus didn’t wait around for a fish to get hungry, he led people to a mess of fish and got the job done without sitting around wondering if he had the right bait. Then I realized that in order for me to be the best at what I was trying to do I needed the equivalent of that fancy fish finder.  We can’t afford to spend our lives sitting and waiting on the shoreline of life. And with those thought developed the concept that “Jesus Is My Fish Finder.”

Jesus didn’t specialize in fishing, he wasn’t raised as a fisherman or sent to earth to be a fishing guide. He was sent to be our savior and an example for us to live our lives by.  If I am serious about fishing, I would want a good guide or the best fish finder on the market, just as when I am living life I want the best counselor and life guide to keep me moving to where I will succeed and prosper the most. Nobody wants to fail and we will only be doing this once so we need to get it figured out and do it right.

Somewhere recently I read that near the end of a persons life the greatest disappointment was not having failed to succeed at something but discovering that you spent all your time on something that didn’t matter or didn’t make a difference in life.

We need a fish finder for our lives that directs us where to focus our efforts and our attention. With the limited time we have there is precious little to squander away on meaningless activity. I look back over my 59 years and see a lot of waste time and effort trying to be something or someone of significance, grasping at professional accomplishments or recognition.

My Father’s Day sermon today contained a reference to Joshua 24:14-15 and how men must make a choice of who they would serve, God or the world. I have already made that choice but some people seem to be trying to straddle the fence. In the end there will not be anyone straddling the fence, it is a black or white issue when it come to Jesus being your savior, there is no gray area. You have to get off the fence or in the case of our fishing story you have to get off the bank and follow Jesus, throwing your nets as he directs to find and catch fish by the boat load.

How is it that I am so confident that Jesus Is My Fish Finder for life? Because he only wants the best for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and he died for me. Nobody other than Jesus has died for me so I can live. And also he really doesn’t ask that much of me – I am to love others as He loved us. The most qualifying aspect of Jesus Is My Fish Finder is he already knows the plan for my success, there is no more guess work when I follow him.

Do you need a new fish finder?