RV Audio/Video Upgrade

So, do you have a mess of audio video electronics in your RV? As I moved into full time RVing I upgraded my entertainment equipment by replacing the old tube TV with a flat screen and the combination Radio/DVD player that came with the RV didn’t play DVDs very well anymore. Since I liked the radio in the unit I kept the Radio/DVD player and just added another DVD player. When I moved out of my house I brought my TiVo Roamio Over the Air DVR with me so I could still record my shows, I unplugged from my cable provider several years ago. As I moved I found the TiVo didn’t always serve me well because I was out of range of the transmitting stations. So, I added a Dish Satellite system.

Well as you can see, by this point I have got quite a mess of stuff going on and when it was all stacked on top of each other it generated a lot of heat which I didn’t think was good for it. In fact, after about a month the Dish receiver started to fail and I really thought it was a heat issue. So, with replacing the Dish receiver (Walley) I wanted to do something to 1) clean up the A/V mess, 2) keep things from moving when I traveled, and 3) prevent heat buildup from the stacked equipment.

I thought back to my stick and mortar house days and what I would have done then is had a rack or shelf system for the equipment which would have organized, secured (not normally a problem except in earth quakes), and allowed for proper air flow. The solution was a rack system for my RV A/V equipment and I started keeping an eye out for something while I was at the stores. My first thought was a wire cooling rack for cookies (I really like cookies) but I needed some way to mount them as a rack or shelves, but I no longer had a shop (gave that up with the house).

I don’t like to go from store to store shopping, I’ve always thought there was a better way to spend my time. So, I went on line to Amazon and started looking for something with two shelves that would fit in the space I had. I found an Under the Sink, Two Tier Cabinet Organizer for $25.00 and ordered it. Had I looked a little longer I would have found another just like it under a different brand name for $5.00 less but, oh well.

Keeping in mind that any time I relocate my 5th wheel RV it is like putting my house through an earthquake, I needed to make sure everything was tied down and snug. The organizer just fit in the space I had for it so there would be little movement there. The racks on the organizer I tied down in the back with zip-ties to keep them from moving or coming apart.

At Wal-Mart and also at Lowes I found some 27” Velcro All Purpose Straps (picture) that I used to strap the electronics to the wire racks of the organizer, so they wouldn’t bounce off or slide away during my moves. These straps are also available at Amazon, but then what isn’t.

I needed two packs of these to strap down the TiVo, Dish Receiver, and DVD Player. There was already a strap holding the Radio/DVD player in place.

I was really happy with the final results. Much more organized and I really think things will stay in place when my truck radio starts playing “On The Road Again”.

I hope this helps someone out, and may God bless you and keep you safe during your travels.